Amy Murray

L'Oreal Artistic Educator

Senior Designer

As a Senior Designer at Burgandy's Hair Salon, Amy has over 10 years experience.


Amy's strengths as a stylist and passion for the industry are evident by her belief in continually advancing her skills and education, in order to match current fresh trends and contemporary hairstyling techniques.


Amy specializes in colour, precision haircutting, including short hair, long hair and she is experienced working with all hair textures.

She loves being able to make people look and feel great!




Marca College. Toronto, ON (2003)

 - Hair Design & Salon Program

 - Multicultural Design Program


Eufora International

 - Better Business Success Strategies for owners and managers.

 - Business Take on the Competition. San Diego

 - Business Profit is Not an Accident. San Diego

 - Creative Cuts “Way Short Way Cool”. San Diego

 - Creative Razors Systems. San Diego

 - Edgy Classic Cuts. San Diego

 - Eufora Foundations 1 & 2 Precision Cutting Systems. Toronto

 - Advanced Precision Haircutting. Toronto

 - Master Styling and Finishing. Toronto

 - Men’s Contemporary Haircutting. Toronto

 - PH D in Product knowledge. Toronto



- Renaissance of Color. Metro Beauty Toronto

- Color Portfolio. Metro Beauty Toronto

- Studio Creativity. Metro Beauty Toronto

- Color Space: Alchemic, L`art Decolor, Glorifying, Finest                  - Pigments, and Mask, Mask Light.

- Well-Being Space: Essential Hair care & Natural Tech.   Toronto

- Color Correction Beaching and Toning. Toronto


L'Oreal Professionnel

-  Dia Richesse. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Dia Light Colour Solutions. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - C.A.R.E. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Colour Keys. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Colour Soloutions. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Colour Change. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Colour Specialist. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Colour Resolutions. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Wedding Collections. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Shoot to Win. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - Strictly Bussiness Seminars. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - L'Oreal Bussiness Form /Managers. L'Oreal Academy Toronto

 - X-Tenso Moisturist Peterborough

 - Step Up. Peterborough

 - LuoColour. Peterborough

 - Colour Supreme. Peterborough

 - L'Oreal INOA. Peterborough


Amy joined the 2012 World Tour at the L'oreal Academy in Vienna/ Austria, where she studied with International L'Oreal Professionel Artist Bertram Kainzer.